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Metzler Contracting is built on a solid foundation of quality workmanship. From our humble beginnings in the early 1970s we have learned to get the job done with ease and a sense of grace. Also that built-in quality, from the start, makes our homes last longer and look better with far less maintenance.

Beginning in 1972, we knew that there were many ways to put up a building in this great paradise. It could be done right or not-quite-right, depending on the will, determination and skill of the builder. From the first, we could see ways to improve on the status quo.

The early days were spent making dreams come true, exactly as they are today. Ideas were new and the island was wide open to fresh talent with energy to spare. With fewer roads, geography dictated the areas in which builders could work. Most of our early work is beautifully enhancing the communities of North and South Kohala. With better roads and transportation came longer commutes and larger crews, but one never forgets driving all the way around the island on the Hawai’i Belt Road before the time of the Queen Ka’ahumanu Highway!

Some early public works projects began the time of surety bonding, government reporting, and more government reporting. By 1985 we were moving into more diverse projects with larger and larger crews. The late 80’s brought a building boom allowing us to grow into the company we are today. Several luxury homes brought us into the arena of resort building, one where we have found ourselves more and more at home.

Our current employee roster lists about 200 of the finest people around! From the guys who show up at 6:30 every morning to get things started, to the heavy equipment operators and truck drivers, to carpenters, masons and managers, we’re fortunate to have the best staff anywhere.

With our company-owned business office, you will always know how to find us. Never will you be greeted by a machine when calling during our extended business hours. The excellence of the office staff will be apparent from the minute they answer your phone call with a professional attitude and can-do approach. Our office is equipped with the very best equipment and is in constant contact with the field offices. Our state-of-the-art computer network keeps our system running in real time all day long, so your project is updated from each jobsite office with every keystroke. Digital photography is used to relay information to Owners, Architects, Engineers and Designers all over the country. We want to be completely accessible to our clients and will use all of today’s tools to give them every opportunity to communicate with us.

Living and working on an island have their own special challenges. The integrity of a company spells success or failure in a very short time, so we take seriously our reputation and community standing. Business is handled in a professional manner and we’re proud to be recognized as a leader in Hawai’i business.

Metzler Contracting is located on Hawai’i’s beautiful Kona Kohala Coast and specializes in building exquisite homes for the discriminating homeowner.

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